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When you arrive at El Salvador International Airport (SAL) you will grab your bags and go though a customs line to obtain a Visa for $12 (cash or card) and a second line to check your passport. From there you will head towards the main exit. Just before you exit you may have to also run your bags through an x-ray. Just make sure you aren't traveling with any prohibited items! 

    Airport car rentals rentals are an option, but you should expect a different style of driving in El Salvador. Traffic etiquette is a bit more aggressive, so unless you're prepared to acclimate, your best option is likely a driving service.

     There are plenty of affordable options to El Cuco, despite the length of the journey. A car service will usually cost about $130, and there are larger van services that are even more affordable when divided by larger groups. Check out the links below for the various options that we've scouted, included notes about and links to their website or other information on booking! 


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